A Glimpse at our Portfolio of Work


Below is just a sampling of some of the work we have done and continue to do on a daily basis. We thank our customers for allowing us to feature parts of their home in our photo gallery.

The transformation was amazing in this family room of a home in South Aurora, CO. The customer had been considering replacing the carpeting, but we were able to restore it to a near-new look!

Deciding to have a wedding reception in your home can be a stressful journey. But we were able to help the homeowner in Littleton, CO reduce some of the stress by making the carpeting in their lovely home look like new again.

It's easy to see the dramatic transformation in this photo. We've all heard it said that brown or tan carpeting can hide the dirt. In this case, the Westminster, CO homeowner said she had forgotten what the original color of her carpeting was until we came in to bring it back to its original color and luster.

Stairs often take a beating, especially in a home with kids. But stairs are no problem for us, and we'll bring the carpet on your stairs back to life, just like at this home in Greenwood Village, CO.

Don't forget that we also do upholstery cleaning. Day by day, the dirt builds up on our furniture, and over time, you may forget that your beige sofa was actually two shades lighter than it appears! That's what happened with this sofa at a home in Denver's Washington Park district. But we were able to bring it back to its original color in no time.

Another dramatic transformation by the Willow Carpet team at this home in Denver's Cherry Creek district.

Our customers are often surprised at just how good their carpet looks once we are finished in their home. That was the case with the homeowner of this home in Centennial, CO.

By having Willow Carpet come to your home every few months, you'll actually extend the life of your carpet.

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